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The Omnivore

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This set is friendly to our omnivorous audience. The comment we hear often is that it just tastes like cheese. The nacho has an authentic nacho flavor. The original is great on bagels as a cream cheese spread. The smoked has a beautiful pepper crust that is perfect for parties.
2 nacho, 1 original, 1 smoked

Cashew Original – This cheese has an authentic umami flavor which stands up on it’s own and can also be used well as a base in typically dairy recipes. Try it in this caprese salad recipe or with apples and ‘brie’.

Cashew Smoked – Smoked sea salt and a cracked black pepper rim bring bold flavors and a beautiful presentation to this popular variety. Try it on a cheese plate – it will be the first to go.

Nacho – Made using carrot juice and spicy peppers, it’s a healthier version of an unhealthy classic. Try it with corn chips or on tacos. It also makes an exceptional mac and cheese!

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All of our cheeses are handmade with organic ingredients in small batches.

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(Use code NEWS422 for $12.00 off)

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