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The Spicy (4 Pack)


Not recommended for those who don't like spice. The nacho is on the spicy side. The cashew of the woods has a mild refined flavor but pairs with shishito gold which is a bold flavored mustard.
2 nacho, 1 cashew of the woods, 1 shishito gold mustard

Nacho – Made using carrot juice and spicy peppers, it’s a healthier version of an unhealthy classic. Try it with corn chips or on tacos. It also makes an exceptional mac and cheese!

Cashew of the Woods - Flavored with button, crimini, and shiitake mushrooms, black and white truffles, celeriac, and white pepper.

Shishito Gold Mustard - Has a bold, sweet taste that evokes a hint of horseradish.

Shipping Policy:


Summer shipping season is upon us. Due to the perishable nature of the cheese, the warm weather of the summer creates complications in shipping. The warmer the weather, the bigger the challenge. Hot summer months require more refrigeration materials and shorter shipping times to keep the cheese cold in transit. Consequently, it is more costly to ship cheese in the summer months. Shipping prices are determined regionally as follows. Summer shipping schedule goes through August.

Yellow 45
Blue 33
Pink 19
Green 19
White 14

Return Policy: 

If you have any trouble with our cheese, please contact us and we'll make things better.


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All of our cheeses are handmade with organic ingredients in small batches.

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