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The Spicy


Not recommended for those who don't like spice. The nacho is on the spicy side. The cashew of the woods has a mild refined flavor but pairs with shishito gold which is a bold flavored mustard.
2 nacho, 1 cashew of the woods, 1 shishito gold mustard

Nacho – Made using carrot juice and spicy peppers, it’s a healthier version of an unhealthy classic. Try it with corn chips or on tacos. It also makes an exceptional mac and cheese!

Cashew of the Woods - Flavored with button, crimini, and shiitake mushrooms, black and white truffles, celeriac, and white pepper.

Shishito Gold Mustard - Has a bold, sweet taste that evokes a hint of horseradish.

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All of our cheeses are handmade with organic ingredients in small batches.

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